Room 4 Team Assessment




Have you ever had the experience of being treated under 2 practitioners at the same time?

Each initial session, you find yourself having to go over similar information and despite their best efforts to communicate, via written or verbal handovers, they're not always on the same page. 

This is why we encourage our patients to invest in a team assessment, where you are jointly assessed by a Physiotherapist and a Podiatrist in the initial consult.

Whilst there is overlap in what and how we treat, there are also a distinctly different yet complementing perspectives that each profession has to offer. This means that by being assessed together, your assessment is far more complete. Your diagnosis and plan is one that is arrived at in a collaborative and co-ordinated way. 

Often, early intervention from podiatry, tends to speed up physiotherapy rehabilitation and vice versa, so not only is the individual better supported, but they're likely to recover sooner with a team assessmentOnce initial team input is made, care usually follows with one lead practitioner depending on the presentation.

"My usual experience of healthcare, especially with slightly less straightforward issues, is being sent from pillar to post - of practitioners who don't join up, don't effectively communicate with each other and even admit to not agreeing with each other! The result? Conflicting advice which leaves me feeling confused and in a sort of limbo - not exactly motivated to put in the work required to support my own recovery. My dream is to be supported by a small team of experts who will work together to figure out how best to help me...."  

Put simply, any injury from the waist down could benefit from a team assessment.