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Rudding Estate Health and Fitness

The First Session

On arrival to the clinic you will be greeted by the reception staff.
If this is the first time you have visited, you will be asked to fill in some details
At your appointment time, your practitioner(s) will introduce themselves and take you through to the treatment area.

For an initial injury assessment, you will be asked a series of questions to gain an understanding of the history of your problem including various screening questions about your general health and sporting activities.
Your practitioner will then conduct a physical examination, including assessment of your posture and movement as well as muscle and joint tests in order to diagnose your problem.

Your diagnosis and the expected recovery will be discussed with you and a we will work with you to form a treatment plan to suit your commitments and your sporting goals in the context of your injury

Initial treatment and advice are included in this session. If subsequent sessions are required, we will arrange a suitable time for follow up at reception.

For a Running Assessment, we will assess your goals in terms of getting on top of niggles, improving your performance or both.

We will then assess your movement, strength and core stability. We will match this up with video footage of your running on a treadmill and explain the issues that need to be addressed.

Running assessment is generally carried over 2 at least sessions to allow follow up on changes and will include advice on strength, flexibility and running technique.